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The Earthshot Prize

Date: 20 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Earthshot Prize has recently been awarded to a young Indian entrepreneur for his efforts towards environmental protection.



The prize has been dubbed as the “Eco Oscars”, in order to give same attention to environmental challenges.



  • The award is set up by Prince William along with the Royal Foundation, the charity founded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and historian David Attenborough.

  • The award seeks to honour five finalists between 2021 and 2030 for developing solutions to fight the climate crisis.

  • The inaugural edition has been memorable for India as young entrepreneur Vidyut Mohan’s technology that recycles agricultural waste to create fuel also featured among winners.

  • Individuals are awarded for their efforts to realize the five UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 2021 edition was the first time awards were handed.

  • Five winners will be chosen for realizing one each of the five UN SDG goals. They will be awarded a prize of one million euros. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Restoration and protection of nature

  • Ocean revival

  • Air cleanliness

  • Waste-free living

  • Climate action


Specialty of the prize ceremony

  • Music performance during the award ceremony was powered by 60 cyclists pedaling on bikes.

  • No celebrities were asked to fly to London to attend ceremony.

  • No plastic was used while constructing stage for the ceremony.

  • Guests were asked to choose dresses that did not harm environment.



  • The prize is inspired from Moonshot goal of former US President John F Kennedy, who has set goal to reach moon within a decade.

  • Similarly, the prize aims to encourage individuals to develop solutions for tackling environmental problems of Earth.


Funding for prize

Aga Khan Development Network, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Jack Ma Foundation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the WWF, the Green Belt Movement, Greenpeace etc are some groups helping to fund the prize.


Winners of this edition

  • Protect and Restore Nature (Costa Rica)

Scheme paying local citizens for restoring natural ecosystem, including growing trees.


  • Clean our Air (India)

A portable machine that converts agriculture waste into cheap fertilizers.


  • Revive our Oceans (Bahamas)

Devising a technique for growing corals artificially in a tank.


  • Build a Waste-Free World (Italy)

Collecting unused food from people and giving it to those who need it the most.


  • Fix our Climate (Thailand)

AEM Electrolyser to make hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.