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Current Affairs

Taliban’s Ministry of Virtue and Vice

Date: 21 September 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The controversial Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice will be set up by the Taliban government.



Since the return of Taliban, there were concerns about the return to the conservative era of the previous Talibani regime.



  • The authorities say that a person will be punished according to the Islamic rules. Intentionally killing another person will attract death punishment while unintentional killing will specify other fines.

  • Illegal intercourse or adultery will be punished with stoning. Theft will result in the perpetrator’s hand being cut off.

  • The same story has to be confirmed from four witnesses. The Supreme Court will be overlooking all the issues before giving decision.


The Ministry

  • Mohamad Khalid, a cleric has been appointed to lead the ministry. A patrol van will be roaming the streets of Kabul to enforce the Shariah law.

  • A strict dress code will be imposed on women. Music, dance, etc will be banned. Public executions, whipping and humiliation will be conducted.

  • Previously the ministry had even asked blacking out the windows of ground floor houses to prevent passing men to look at women inside.


Previous bans

  • Television sets were outlawed and they even threatened to conduct a door-to-door search to catch people using them.

  • Women’s ankles should not be visible and they should always be accompanied by male guardians while going out. They were beaten with batons if not followed.

  • Men were not allowed to sport thin beard. Flying kite was outlawed and homosexuals were punished through death.


Moral policing in other countries

  • Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) exists in Saudi Arabia.

  • The department also follows a similar method of policing with patrol vans and emphasizes on strict dress codes for women. After criticism, its powers were curbed.

  • Moral policing is enforced in Iran through Gasht-e Ershad or the “guidance patrol”. It was also infamous for enforcing moral policing on women.