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Current Affairs

South Korea’s version of Iron Dome

Date: 29 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


An artillery interception system will be developed by South Korea’s defence procurement agency, which will be similar to Iron Dome of Israel.



The necessity of having an anti-missile system has increased after North Korea indulged in a spate of rocket launches towards South Korean territory.



  • North Korea possesses several long-range missiles capable of hitting cities in South Korea. The defence system can give protection against such threats.

  • The system is planned to be deployed by 2035. The government will b spending $2.5 billion for research and development of the system.

  • North Korea has kept many long range missile launchers along the border. They are targeting capital Seoul and other suburbs, where more than 50 percent of country’s population lives.


The military might

  • North Korea and South Korea entered peace phase after the armistice treaty of 1953. However, both countries maintain a strong force along border.

  • The Iron Dome of Israel is specifically designed for short and medium range missiles from Gaza. The new prototype will focus on long range missiles.


Reasons for development

  • South Korea is surrounded by strong neighbours such as Japan, China, Russia and North Korea. In case of future wars, the country should have mechanism to defend itself.

  • South Korea is trying to modernize its arsenal. It will also give the country an option beyond just United States as military supplier.