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Current Affairs

South Korea plans to ban dog meat

Date: 06 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


President of South Korea is contemplating completely banning consumption of dog meat in the country.



The controversial practice of slaughtering dogs for meat has been criticized all over the world including animal right activists in the country.



  • The government is also planning to grant legal status to animals by amending its civil code. People abandoning pets will face harsher punishments.

  • Many South Korean international celebrities have been embarrassed about references to eating dog meat in their culture. It has created negative stereotypes about Koreans.


Cultural and historical aspect

  • The consumption of dog meat is in decline since 2000s across many countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

  • South Korea has been getting influenced by Western culture that has been critical about their culinary habits. This influence started since the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

  • Evidences point at dog meat consumption during Goryeo dynasty and the Joseon dynasty, when pork and beaf were highly regulated.

  • Dog meat has been associated with masculinity and specific power groups, such as prosecutors, officers, and journalists consume it to show their strength.


Changing trend

  • In recent times, many Koreans see dogs as part of their family and would not like to consume its meat. This number is increasing continuously.

  • Compared to the previous instance when banning was considered based on western opinion, this time the sentiments are majorly domestic.


The electoral promises

  • Many candidates for upcoming Presidential polls have advocated ban on consumption of dog meat as their pre-poll promise.

  • Many people have criticized complete ban as it would hamper livelihoods of many people who are involved in rearing of dogs and selling them for consumption.