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Current Affairs

Sinn Fein

Date: 07 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Irish Nationalist party Shinn Fein is likely to win majority of seats in the 90-member Northern Ireland Assembly.



It is for the first time that an Irish nationalist party, which advocates the merger of the British-run Northern Ireland region with the Republic of Ireland, will come to power.



There are 18 constituencies in the region in which five candidates will be elected in each constituency through proportional representation by a single transferable vote.


History of Ireland

  • From 1801 to 1922, Britain and Ireland were under the same government. In 1921, the government partitioned the island of Ireland into two self-governing entities.

  • The law aimed to keep both the regions within United Kingdom but Southern Ireland citizens rejected the proposal and the Republic of Ireland came into existence as an independent nation.

  • The citizens of Northern Ireland chose to remain with United Kingdom due to large number of protestant and unionist population.


Irish insurgency

  • The minority Catholics and Irish nationalists wanted self-governance or independence from the UK.  This started a spate of violence between the nationalists and loyalists Unionists.

  • The conflicts remained for around three decades from the late 1960s to 1998. More than 3,500 people died in the 30-year conflict.

  • A peaceful resolution was reached through the Good Friday Agreement. Under the arrangement, a new government would be formed by sharing of powers between nationalists and unionists.


Sinn Fein

  • It is a nationalist and democratic socialist party that was founded in 1905. It is widely considered as the political wing of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

  • The party has tried hard to give up militancy and adopt parliamentary procedures. Since 2003, it is the largest nationalist party in Northern Ireland.

  • The main goal of the party is to reunify Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. It has stayed true to its goal till now.



  • Sinn Fein has already given a call for political changes. It has asked the government in Dublin to be ready for referendum.

  • The party is opposed to Brexit and it has conveyed to European Union diplomats that Europe must prepare for change.



If Sinn Fein wins Northern Ireland and also emerges victorious in 2024 Irish General elections, it could look to achieve united Ireland.