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Current Affairs

Sheikh Jarrah Israeli court verdict

Date: 06 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


An Israeli court has stayed eviction of Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah and instructed them to live like a tenant rather than owner.



Palestinian families had filed plea challenging their eviction from the area. The verdict has disappointed both Palestinians and Israelis.



  • Many families have been living in Sheikh Jarrah after they were evicted from their homes in Jerusalem post the declaration of Israel as a state in 1950.

  • The declaration had led to a war between Arab coalition and Israel. After the war, Israel captured more land than promised under the UN partition.

  • Israeli Jews are claiming Palestinian property under a law that allows them ownership of properties lost prior to 1948.

  • The conflict arose after Israeli Jews claimed the Palestinian properties in Sheikh Jarrah as part of the law. But Jews have to prove their authority over such property.


 Palestinian response

  • Palestinians claims that the judgment violates their ownership rights. They accuse the court of toeing the line of Jewish lobby.

  • They say that the property was given to them by Jordan for renouncing their refugee status after east Jerusalem was annexed by Israel.


Potential conflict in future

  • There was an expectation that court would evict Palestinian families and give the land to Jewish settlers. But the court has instead opted for compromise.

  • Israel believes that settling Jewish refugees in disputed areas would help them to completely capture the holy city in near future.