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Current Affairs

Shariah law

Date: 23 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Taliban has announced that all citizens will be ruled under the Shariah, the traditional Islamic law followed by fundamentalists.



Shariah codifies several Islamic laws. It is strictly followed in many countries including Saudi Arabia and Iran.



  • The interpretation of Shariah depends on various factors. The earlier interpretation by Taliban had barred women from working outside home or venturing out without male guardian.

  • They have previously stopped girls from going to school and also publicly flogging people for violating the code. Women fear the worst if the law comes back again.


The Shariah

  • The moral and legal framework of Islam is formed by Shariah. It is based on various sources such as Quran, stories of the Prophet and various other rulings and interpretations by Islamic scholars.

  • One of the interpretation bars women from any rights while other interpretation advocates rights for them. Some of the earlier interpretations went beyond Shariah.

  • There is intense debate on the interpretations of the law. Different countries have based their legal system on different versions.


Prescription of Shariah

The law lists various crimes such as murder and adultery along with the punishments for these crimes. It also specifies the method of prayer, divorce, marriage and other actions.


Previous interpretations

  • During the previous rule, Taliban had banned movies and other entertainment sources. A separate department for Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice was set up.

  • They indulged in moral policing by publicly humiliating women for their dresses. Women wearing nail polish were punished by cutting off their thumb.


State of women

  • Taliban are trying to improve their image by giving interview to women reporters, which never happened earlier. But they also dismissed women reporters working in government-owned broadcast channels.

  • Taliban have shut down women clinics and girl schools. They have prevented women from entering university, despite signaling change in stance.