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Current Affairs

Saudi Arabia’s ban on Tablighi group

Date: 15 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Tablighi and Da’wah groups have been banned by Saudi Arabia by terming them ‘danger to society and one of the gates of terrorism’.



Saudi government has been making efforts to de-radicalize their country by banning extremist groups operating in the garb of religion.



  • The government has directed that the Friday sermon be conducted to warm people to avoid joining these banned groups.

  • The religious leaders have been instructed to highlight prominent mistakes of these groups and mention their “danger to society”.


Tablighi Jamaat

  • Tablighi Jamaat is a Sunni Islamic missionary movement launched by Islamic scholar and teacher Maulana Muhammad Ilyas in Mewat (India) in 1927.

  • Tablighi is the largest Islamic missionary movement today and is spread across 150 countries. Its origin can be traced back to Darul Uloom madrasa in Deoband.


Aim of the movement

  • The organizations aim to reach out to ordinary Muslims to revive their faith in the religion and guide them on matters of ritual, dress and personal behaviour. 

  • The unique feature in the movement is unlike many other missionary movements the world over, it seeks to convert not those outside the faith but rather those within.



The majority of the followers are involved in matters of personal piety and spiritual self-renewal. Some of them have ties with radical networks.


Connection with terrorists

  • Many followers of terrorist and extremist groups have reportedly attended meetings run by the group but direct connection has not been established.

  • The group is more inclined towards Deobandi thinking rather than Wahhabism, associated with Saudi Arabia’s religious establishment. 

  • Deobandi doctrine is more flexible type of Islam, accepting other form such as Sufism as compared to Wahhabism.


Worldwide reception

Kazakhstan has designated Tablighi Jamaat as an extremist organization and banned it in 2013. It is also banned in countries including Iran, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.