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Current Affairs

Russia alerts nuclear force

Date: 01 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Nuclear forces of Russia were put on increased alert by Russian President Vladimir Putin, marking highest tensions with West since collapse of Soviet Union.



Russia has invaded Ukraine, which has attracted criticism from Western bloc including threats of nuclear war.



  • President Putin has ordered Russian nuclear weapons be prepared for increased readiness to launch. This has brought back fears of cold war.

  • Russia has been making efforts to reclaim its former areas of influence, which are now tilting towards the Western bloc.

  • The West has already made aggressive comments on Russia and has imposed stiff economic sanctions to cut leading Russian banks from the SWIFT banking system.


Bilateral talks

  • At first, Ukrainian President refused to meet Russian President in Belarus. Later he agreed to send a Ukrainian delegation to meet Russian counterparts.

  • The officials of both the countries are scheduled to meet at the Belarusian border after considering a list of other neutral countries.


The assault

  • Initially, the Russian troops had encircled Ukrainian capital Kyiv but could not completely capture the city owing to stiff resistance from military and civilian volunteers.

  • Ukraine has already asked men between the ages of 18 to 60 to pick up arms. The country has also released prisoners having military experience.



  • The situation has seen the largest migration in Europe after the Second World War. More than 3,60,000 citizens, mostly women and children, have arrived in neighbouring countries.

  • There is also a reverse migration from mostly Ukrainians working in different parts of Europe. They are heading back to fight against advancing Russians.


Other countries

Germany has announced a special fund for its armed forces in order to increase its own security. It has announced to send military weapons to Ukraine to help them stop Russian assault.