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Current Affairs

Riots in Sweden

Date: 21 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Plans by a far-right group to burn copies of Quran have sparked protests and unrest in Sweden.



Plan of burning was announced by Rasmus Paludan, an anti-Islam and anti-migration politician, who is the leader of the group Stram Kurs.



  • The agitating groups have lit vehicles on fire and threw stones at the police. Around 40 people were injured, including 26 cops, and more than 20 vehicles have been set on fire.

  • The permission granted for the burning event was cancelled owing to the growing protests but rioters have continued their actions.



  • Police assume that the protests were organised by criminal gangs. They burnt tires, dustbins and cars, while putting barricades on the road.

  • Rioting has taken place in cities such as Stockholm, Landskrona, Orebro, Malmo, Linkoping and Norrkoping where burning demonstrations were supposed to take place.


Start of protests

The right-wing anti-Islam party Stram Kurs sparked the protests. It is basically based in Denmark but has presence in Sweden too.


Objective of Stram Kurs

  • The party is infamous for carrying out anti-Islam activities that have offended many Muslims living in the country.

  • The party aims to ban Islam and specifically targets Muslims living in Denmark. It tried to contest Danish elections but could not gain enough support.

  • It was banned till 2022 in Denmark for using unfair means of furthering their agenda through the Danish voting system. To bypass the ban, it is operating under the name “Hard Line”.


Similar anti-Islam protests

Paludan has previously organized Quran burning events in countries such as France and Belgium. He was arrested for causing law and order situation.



  • Islamic organisations across the world have condemned the anti-Islam protests and have demanded action against Paludan.

  • Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordon, Indonesia, Malaysia and Qatar have also condemned the move.