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Red tourism

Date: 03 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The popularity of red tourism is at all time high in China owing to the 100th anniversary of Communist Party of China.



Red tourism is the practice of visiting all the places that have cultural and historical importance for the party.



  • China has been witnessing huge economic boom after the pandemic due to red tourism. Places such as Mao Zedong’s birthplace Shaoshan and Nanhu Lake are more popular.

  • Red tourism project was launched in 2004 and the main aim was cultural and historical promotion of places associated with Communist Party of China.

  • It tries to remind citizens of the sacrifices made by leaders of the party in building a modern communist China.

  • Through tourism and history it will try to promote ideology of the party and ensure that they remain embedded in the minds of the people.

  • To make tourism popular, visiting tourists are given colourful attire including the uniform of PLA soldiers.

  • They are made to chant oaths in ritualistic manner to give an impression of a real party event taking place. Children are given lectures on history of the country.

  • Some places also host stage dramas on important events and battles won by PLA. Tourists can do a role play and participate in the dramas.


Reason for popularity

  • This type of tourism has been successful in attracting youths. Use of technology such as Artificial Intelligence has given a new form of experience for tourists.

  • It has been popular not just for places but also the growth in associated business such as antique shops selling communist party memorabilia, restaurants and malls.



  • The sites are considered to be propaganda monuments that peddle only one side of story and indulge in brain washing of youth.

  • The claims made by some of the monuments and also role of Communist Party are challenged by historians outside China.