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Current Affairs

Protests in Kingdom of Eswatini

Date: 02 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Pro-democracy protests were fired upon by security officers of the Kingdom of Eswatini during a protest event.



Eswatini has been witnessing slow simmering anger against the government and the King Mswati III but protests against him are rare.



  • There have been many reports stating that King Mswati III has fled the Kingdom to neighbouring South Africa. The acting Prime Minister denied these reports.

  • Videos taken in the country show people burning tyres on roads and barricading trees on roads across the city of Manzini.

  • To prevent protestors from raiding capital city Mbabane, security forces have barricaded all the entrances.

  • Eswatini was earlier known as Swaziland but later adopted the old name. Civil groups have raised attacks on innocent civilians by the army.


Demands of protestors

  • There has been anger against the regressive policies adopted by the government without any reforms. The King is accused of using public money for living a lavish lifestyle.

  • Protestors want a democratic government that will take care of people and work towards supporting the lowest sections of the country.


Political system in country

  • King Mswati is the last absolute monarch of Africa. He has been in power since the last three decades.

  • The King has denied allegations. However, it is a known fact that he and his 15 wives are living a luxurious lifestyle using public money.

  • Political parties have not been allowed in Eswatini since 1973. There are no elections where parties can participate.