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Current Affairs

Peru protests over presidential elections

Date: 10 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A section of citizens have started protests in Peru’s capital Lima for demanding declaration of presidential election held months back.



The two candidates were left for the run-off elections after filtering through other 18 candidates in fray.



  • Conservative candidate Fujimori has refused to acknowledge her defeat by a slender margin of 44,000 votes against left-winger Castillo.

  • The fairness of the election process has been acknowledged by US also. The election was highly polarized due to extreme views of both the candidates.

  • Castillo has been a political outsider and has support from rural and agricultural background, including labour groups.

  • Fujimori has garnered support from pro-business houses and also several former military officers and leaders.

  • Several citizens have expressed fear with Castillo’s connections with left-radical groups and also support for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

  • Fujimori has alleged that more than 2 lakh votes were fraud and should not be considered. Many citizens believe that her claims are valid.

  • Supporters of both the candidates are taking out victory rallies. A new president will be inaugurated on July 28 after results are declared.


Future for Peru

  • Fujimori has demanded a military coup if Castillo comes to power. There are fears that a similar event like Capitol Hill violence may take place.

  • The democracy in Peru is new compared to US and institutions are not strong to sustain unstable situations. It needs to be seen what future hold for the Andean country.