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Current Affairs

Pedro Castillo’s narrow win in Peru

Date: 23 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The result of June election has declared Pedro Castillo as the President-elect of Peru. The result comes a month after a highly polarized electoral battle.



Castillo is a rural school teacher who comes from Andes region of the country. He was a left-wing trade union leader.



  • Castillo gained a lead of just about 44,000 votes in the election. His opponent and right-wing politician Keiko Fujimori had alleged electoral fraud.

  • These allegations had forced the withholding of results. The final voting had taken place after they emerged frontrunners among 18 other potential candidates.


Situation in Peru

  • Peru is infamous for its instability of institutions. It has changed four presidents and two parliaments in a span of five years.

  • While some sections have expressed happiness over Castillo’s win, there are apprehensions about his ability to implement sweeping reforms due to small victory margin.


Pedro Castillo

  • Castillo was a union leader and belonged to the Peru Libre, a Marxist party. He has promised nationalizing of mining sector and creating new jobs in rural areas.

  • He is said to be in favour of introducing measures such as death penalty to tackle crimes. He has links with several left-wing extremist groups in the country.


Victory of left wing

  • Many people have bad memories of Shining Path Communist insurgency of the 1980s. They fear a similar fate if Castillo does not renounce ties with left-wing extremists.

  • Castillo has promised to improve heath sector and improving social welfare schemes for the poor. There are also chances of nationalizing mining industry.