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Current Affairs

Pakistan’s airstrikes on Afghanistan

Date: 04 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Pre-dawn airstrikes were carried out by Pakistan’s military in the Kunar and Khost provinces in eastern Afghanistan.



The strikes were said to be retaliation against killing of Pakistani soldiers by militants in eastern region of Afghanistan.



  • The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or the Pakistani Taliban is the militant group whose members carried out the strike on Pakistani army.

  • The banned outfit was founded in 2007 by Baitullah Mehsud. Members are dawn from Pashtun tribal areas in northwestern Pakistan.


Objectives of the group

Implementing Sharia law, fighting US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, and engaging in jihad against the Pakistani Army are some of the objectives of the group.


Significance of TTP’s involvement

  • After the exit of US army, there is a vacuum created for militant groups to emerge. They have been making efforts to fight Pakistani army.

  • The group was previously involved in Karachi Airport attack in 2014 and the Army Public School seizure, in Peshawar.

  • They have been attacking minority centres such as historic All Saints Church and also attack on Malala Yousafzai.


 Role of Afghan Taliban

  • Afghan Taliban is closely associated with similar militant groups. They are known to provide men and logistical support to their Afghan counterparts. 

  • After seizing control in Afghanistan, the jailed TTP militants were released from prisons. Hundreds of suicide bombers were trained by Taliban for attacks.

  • The group is known to share close ideological ties with Al Qaeda and the Haqqani Network, an affiliate of the Afghan Taliban. 


Response to the strikes

  • Afghan Taliban has disapproved strokes by the Pakistan army. They have summoned Pakistan’s ambassador and handed diplomatic démarche.

  • It further added that it will have serious repercussions if similar mistakes are carried out by Pakistan’s military again.

  • Pakistan’s army says that Terrorists are using Afghan soil with impunity to carry out activities inside Pakistan and such actions were necessary.