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Milk crate challenge

Date: 31 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Doctors have been expressing concerns over a new dangerous type of challenge sweeping social media in USA, the milk crate challenge.



Social media platforms are notorious for various new trends and challenges. The recently observed ‘tide pod challenge’ was also equally avoidable.



  • The task involves stacking milk crates in form of pyramid wall that rises like steps from bottom to top of the stack.

  • The challenger will then try to climb the stacked pyramid from one side and descend from the other, with high chances of enduring a fall.

  • After criticism by many doctors, TikTok removed the challenge from its app but the challenge still exists on twitter and Facebook.


The popularity

The challenge gained massive popularity from the past couple of months. People started taking up this challenge in backyards, household parties and other events.


The concerns

  • The milk crates have high instability. They end up crumbling after users step on it. Most of the challenge takers experience a nasty fall.

  • The number of people getting admitted to hospitals due to the result of the challenge has been high. This has put additional pressure on doctors, who are already treating increased number of Covid-19 cases.


Nature of injuries

Injuries due to the fall include shoulder dislocations, broken wrists, meniscus tear, rotor-cuff tear, ACL , spinal cord industries etc.



TikTok is a video sharing platform. The platform has been banned in India but is still available in countries such as US, where there are high number of followers.