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Current Affairs

Microsoft explorer to be shut

Date: 24 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Microsoft is planning on shutting its Explorer browser after 26 long years of service to customers all over the globe.



Microsoft Explorer along with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were the three holy trinity that ruled internet browser market.



  • The company said that the support for the Explorer will end on June 15, 2022. They have cited low security and less than favourable user experience for their decision.

  • The company is instead planning to use Edge browser that is suitable for modern needs. It is based on the open source Chromium code of Google.

  • The Edge browser is compatible for desktop as well as mobile. It is robust and can handle old and legacy applications and websites.


The origin

  • The Explorer was developed by Thomas Reardon based on the NCSA’s Mosaic browser. It was rolled out in 1995.

  • The browser first saw its presence on the Windows 95 operating system and gained instant popularity with internet users.

  • The browser’s version 4.0 was bundled free along with Windows 98 Operating System. The company was successful in reducing market share of leader, Netscafe.

  • The Explorer started to decline when large bugs and security issues were detected. Till the new version was developed, the market share started to crumble.

  • The launch of Chrome and Firefox was the last nail in the coffin. A recent study showed that Explorer’s share reduce to just 1.7 percent from as high as 95 percent during its peak.

  • The company is planning to shut its support and shift all its efforts and focus on Microsoft edge that is termed the future of browsing.