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Current Affairs

Mexico sues US gun companies

Date: 07 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government of Mexico is suing 10 US gun companies for boosting the drug conflict in their country, leading to loss of lives.



The Mexican government is demanding $10 billion in compensation from companies including Barrett Firearms for giving cartels easy access to firearms.



  • The government says that lethal military grade guns and associated weapons are easily flowing into its territory due to business policies of gun companies.

  • The action has been initiated in Massachusetts State and marks the first instance of a foreign government suing US gun makers through US judicial system.


Reasons for suing

  • Mexico says that US companies are allowing guns to flow across the border even though it knows the consequence.

  • Mexico currently has strict domestic gun laws but is unable to control them due to smuggling of guns from US.

  • Mexican drug cartels use US citizens with clean criminal record to buy weapons in US and later smuggle them illegally to Mexico.

  • The majority of guns confiscated in Mexico have US links. The Mexican government says that gun companies are deliberately promoting this.


Significance of lawsuit

  • Demanding compensation from gun manufacturers by foreign government is a new move as US federal law prevents victims of gun violence from suing gun makers.

  • There is also no clear evidence to link gun manufacturers with violence as distributors may be involved in illegal business.


Gun misuse

  • Many reformists have been demanding the government to tighten gun laws to prevent misuse. US has one of the highest homicide rates due to gun violence.

  • There is also an appeal from the president to remove the federal law that gives immunity to gun manufacturers from lawsuits.