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Malcolm X murder

Date: 22 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Two convicts on trial for the murder of African-American rights leader Malcolm X have been exonerated by a court in Manhattan.



Three men were convicted in 1966 for murdering Malcolm X. There were numerous questions raised by experts and historians about the murder of Malcolm X.



  • A six-part documentary called ‘Who Killed Malcolm X?’ was released in 2020. The documentary questioned the validity of trial and convicts, forcing re-opening of the case.

  • The accused murderer had maintained that the other two men were innocent. The FBI and NYPD had withheld key evidences that could have proved their innocence.


Malcolm X

  • Malcolm X was one of the most popular leaders of the American civil rights movement. He was also an activist and a religious leader.

  • Malcolm X converted to Islam in 1940s. He joined the Nation of Islam (NOI) and became its main influencer and speaker.

  • The Nation of Islam combined Islam and Black Nationalism. He opposed the idea of racial integration and pushed for black people creating their own structures of wealth and power.

  • He called white-Americans as ‘blue-eyed devils’ and believed in self-defence as an alternative to the nonviolent resistance.

  • After his tour of Africa, he started to question anti-white ideology of Nation of Islam. He left the organization and got converted to Sunni Islam.



Malcolm X had many opposing views to the NOIs leaders. He was opposed to NOI not allowing its members from opposing violence against blacks.



  • Malcolm X was attacked in February 1965 when he was giving a speech in Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan.

  • The assassins open-fired on Malcolm X but one of the assailants was shot in the leg. Within a week, three members of the NOI were charged with murder.

  • Even after the key murderer confessed to shooting Malcolm X, the other two were also charged guilty and sentenced.


Re-opening case

The documentary forced the case to be re-opened. The trial allowed key evidences to be presented that exonerated the other two accused of murder.