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Current Affairs

Juneteenth day

Date: 21 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The US federal government is soon expected to declare “Juneteenth” as a public holiday, when President Biden signs on the document.



Juneteenth or June 19 is known for the end of American Civil War and the subsequent abolishing of slavery.



  • The demand for declaring Juneteenth a public holiday garnered support from both the parties in the legislature.

  • The move comes amidst the first anniversary of Black Lives Matter protests that brought issue of racial discrimination back to the forefront.

  • Currently, there are 10 federal holidays. The new holiday on Juneteenth will be the latest one in almost four decades. The last one was Martin Luther King Jr. Day created in 1983.



  • On June 19, the soldiers from Union side of the civil war arrived in Texas and demanded that slaves be freed and declared abolishing of this practice from US soil.

  • The day is also known as Emancipation Day and is a holiday in 47 states of the country and the district of Columbia.



Juneteenth is a symbol of independence for African-American citizens. It was on this day that President Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation.