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Current Affairs

Israel’s mediation between Russia and Ukraine

Date: 08 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is trying to play the mediator to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.



The move by the Prime Minister has placed his country on a middle ground, away from its traditional allies in the west.



  • Having good relations with Russia is the key to Israel’s own interests. It coordinates with Russia for security situation in Syria.

  • Russia is also a main player in getting a nuclear deal with Iran, which will be negotiated soon. It is necessary that Israel maintain cordial relations.


Bennett’s actions

  • Bennett came to power following a pact between ideologically diverse parties aiming to ouster Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • The approval rating of the new PM has already plummeted owing to the belief of illegitimate rule by the coalition.

  • The move by Bennett to break ties with Israel’s traditional partners and engaging with Russia has also been opposed.

  • Bennett has opposed Russian invasion of Ukraine but stopped short of condemning Russia. He also became the first western leader to visit Moscow.


The risks

  • Ukraine is home to large number of Jews. Israel has already announced humanitarian aid and established field hospital in the country.

  • In case negotiations with Russia fail due to a wrong move, the world will be blaming Israel for its conduct and intensifying the war.


Chances of success

  • Israel has the capability and international influence to talk with both Russia and the west. It can be a mediating link.

  • However, it does not have the necessary diplomatic tools. Countries that have such standing such as Turkey and France, have failed in their objective.


Final word

  • The move by the Prime Minister to visit Moscow has boosted his international standing and also helped him gain political mileage in his own country.

  • The move is not without risks as it could have long lasting effects on his political career as well as Israel’s standing in the world.