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Current Affairs

Islamic state Khorasan

Date: 28 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large number of people were killed and thousands injured in a suicide bomb attack near Kabul International Airport perpetrated by Islamic state Khorasan module.



Western intelligence agencies had already predicted that a suicide bomb attack was in process of occurrence.



  • Islamic state or ISIS (Khorasan) is an Afghan offshoot of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria that had large presence few years back.

  • The name of Khorasan originated from Khorasan province which includes areas of Afghanistan, Iran and central Asia during medieval ages.

  • The intelligence agencies say that the attacks were made strategically to target both US forces and Taliban, which is trying to prove its credibility to the world.

  • Joe Biden had already made it clear that ISIS (K) posed the highest threat to US forces trying to evacuate the country.


The feud

  • Taliban and ISIS are both Jihadist groups which are divided by ideology and goals. They are involved in a long battle from a long time.

  • The Taliban follows the Deobandi ideology that they learnt from Madrasas of Pakistan. The ISIS is based on Salafist ideology.

  • The Taliban is content with its hold over Afghanistan whereas ISIS (K) hopes to capture whole south Asia and establish a Caliphate. They have already accepted worldwide jihad against non-Muslims.


The differences

  • ISIS says that Taliban’s ideology and interpretation of Sharia is not strict enough. They are considered bad Muslims for negotiating peace deal with West.

  • The Islamic State refused to congratulate Taliban for capturing Kabul. They have promised to fight with Taliban to establish a real caliphate.


Origin of ISIS (K)

  • The ISIS (K) originated in Pakistan as a student group that was part of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. They fled to Afghanistan to avoid persecution.

  • They have allegiance to ISIS and accepted Al Baghdadi as their Calipha, who was killed by the US allies in 2015.

  • The members of the organization were absorbed by ISIS and declared their goal of entering South Asia. Now the main organization does not have enough resources to give support.