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Current Affairs

International Solar Alliance

Date: 13 February 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The International Solar Alliance has opened its membership to all member countries of United Nations.



  • The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is a global alliance of 121 countries initiated by India.

  • Most of the members are sunshine countries, which lie either completely or partly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

  • The primary objective of the alliance is to work for efficient consumption of solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

  • The alliance is a treaty-based inter-governmental organization. Countries that do not fall within the Tropics can join the alliance and enjoy all benefits as other members, with the exception of voting rights. After the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states world-wide.



  • The initiative was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the India Africa Summit, and a meeting of member countries ahead of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in November 2015.

  • The framework agreement of the International Solar Alliance opened for signatures in Marrakech, Morocco in November 2016, and 200 countries have joined.


Objectives and benefits

  • The launching of such an alliance in Paris also sends a strong signal to the global communities about the sincerity of the developing nations towards their concern about climate change and to switch to a low-carbon growth path. 

  • For India, possible additional benefits from the alliance can be a strengthening of ties with the major African countries and increasing goodwill for India among them.

  • It is also seen as an alliance by the developing countries to form a united front and to undertake research and development for making solar power equipment within developing countries.

  • The alliance has partnered with World Bank to launch. Global Solar Atlas is a free online tool that displays annual average solar power potential at any location in the world and thus identifies potential sites for solar power generation.