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Current Affairs

Indian Embassy issues advisory for Indians

Date: 17 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Indian government has issued advisory for its citizens, especially students, living in Ukraine to leave the country.



The issue pertains to the impending invasion by Russia that has been warned by the US. For now the situation is uncertain.



  • Apart from existent citizens living in Ukraine, the Indian embassy has asked its citizens to avoid unnecessary travels to the country.

  • The embassy has also asked citizens to keep them informed about their whereabouts so that they can be reached when required.


Reasons for advisory

  • There are indications that Russia may invade Ukraine anytime, especially during the ongoing Winter Olympics.

  • Russia has amassed well over 1,30,000 troops near the Ukrainian borders. The US has already asked its citizens to leave the country.


Indian Diaspora in Ukraine

According to various estimates, there are about 20,000 Indian students living and studying in Ukraine. Majority of them study in medical colleges


Impact of advisory

  • People who do not have immediate need to stay in the country have been advised to leave since commercial flights are still operational.

  • Recently, Dutch national carrier KLM halted its operations in Ukraine, becoming the first major airline to stop operations.


Steps taken

The Indian embassy in Ukraine has issued a Google form for Indians to register themselves. The embassy does not make registration compulsory, making it difficult to trace citizens.


Steps by other countries

Western nations including US, the UK and Germany have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine. Australia, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands and Japan have evacuated their diplomatic community.