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Current Affairs

India-South Korea logistics pact

Date: 08 September 2019 Tags: India & World


India and South Korea concluded a military logistics agreement during the ongoing visit of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Seoul. The two countries have also formulated a forward-looking road map to take bilateral defence industry cooperation to the next level.


India-S.Korean defence relations

Korean companies have been active in the Indian defence sector like  the K9 Vajra mobile artillery guns are being made by L&T in collaboration with Hanwha Land Systems.

India has set an ambitious target for itself when it comes to defence exports. India  believes that external markets have to be tapped to develop a commercially viable military industrial complex.



  • India will be able to get assured logistic support when it operates in the Indo-Pacific in the ports of South Korea. Such agreements extend the reach, presence and sustainability of Navy ships when deployed at great distances from home ports.

  • The decision to extend logistical support to each other’s navies will significantly enhance Indian reach in the Indo-Pacific and will place South Korea amongst close partners like the US and France that have similar bilateral pact.

  • India has also listed a number of proposed areas of cooperation in land, aero and naval systems, research and development cooperation and collaboration in testing, certification and quality assurance with S.Korea.

  • India offers tremendous business opportunity to Korean defence industries and initiatives like the defence industrial corridors being promoted by the government will take the relations to the next level.