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Current Affairs

India slams OIC

Date: 18 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


India has criticized the Organisation of Islamic (OIC) Countries for issuing a comment on the hijab row in Karnataka.



The hijab controversy in Karnataka exploded to capture national and international attention.



  • India has said that the OIC has been hijacked by vested interests and looking the issue through communal mindset, in a veiled reference to Pakistan.

  • The OIC also issued a statement asking India to ensure the safety and security of the Muslim community to protect their way of life.

  • The statement added that India must make efforts to bring to justice the “instigators of violence and hate crimes” against Muslims.


India’s response

  • India has said that it is a democracy and issues within the country are resolved based on a constitutional framework.

  • It added that OIC secretariat does not have the ability to appreciate these realities as it continues to be hijacked by vested interests against India.


The Organisation of Islamic Countries

  • The OIC is the world’s second largest multilateral body after the UN. It has 57 members, all of which as Islamic countries.

  • The observers include Russia, Thailand, Central African Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkish Cypriot state.



The OIC aims to safeguard the interests of the Muslim world for promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world.



It was formed in 1969 during the First Islamic Summit Conference held in Morocco, which took place after an act of arson at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.


India’s relation with OIC

  • India was humiliatingly dis-invited from participating in the first meeting of OIC after initial invitation by the founding countries.

  • India was invited to join as an observer in 2006 after New Delhi improved its economic status and relationship with US.

  • India however stayed away from the grouping as it believed that as a secular country, it had to stay away from groupings founded on religion. 


Pakistan’s opposition

  • In 2018, India was again invited at OIC conference by the host Bangladesh. Pakistan opposed the move.

  • OIC is being led by Saudi Arabia and UAE but Pakistan has a big say in its operation as it is the only Islamic country with nuclear weapons.

  • In 2019, India participated in the inaugural plenary session of the grouping as a “guest of honour” invited by the host UAE. Pakistan boycotted the session.


The change in approach

India has changed its approach to handle statements by the OIC. It has gone a step ahead to attack the organisation for being used by Pakistan to forward its own agenda.