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Current Affairs

India removes flights restrictions to Ukraine

Date: 19 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The restriction imposed on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine under bio-bubble arrangements have been removed by India.



The external affairs ministry has already asked Indians living in Ukraine to exit the country in wake of a possible Russian invasion.



  • The decisions were made in order to arrange more flights to fly Indian nationals out of Ukraine in light of Russian military build-up.

  • After Indian advisory, many students and parents have reached out to external affairs ministry to ensure evacuation from the country. 

  • India has already set up a control room to assist Indians in Ukraine. Countries such as US have also asked their citizens to leave Ukraine.


Flight operations

Ukraine has kept its flight operations open. Air carriers like Ukrainian International Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Turkish Airlines, FlyDubai, RyanAir, and Lufthansa are functioning.


Ukraine crisis

  • The crisis started in November 2021 when satellite visuals showed Russia building its military resources along Ukraine’s eastern borders.

  • Subsequent diplomatic meetings have been unsuccessful in quelling the tensions, which is mainly between Russia and the West led by the USA.



  • Russia has been demanding reduced presence of NATO by taking it to 1997 level and promise of not expanding it in future.

  • It also wants NATO countries to give up their join exercises taking place in Eastern Europe and Caucasus region.



  • US and the west have rejected the demands of Russia and said that every country has the right to join NATO.

  • It has warned that any invasion by Russia will have long-lasting consequences on outcome of future diplomatic ties.


Present situation

  • The US has been warning of invasion from the past few weeks and has increased intensity in last couple of days.

  • It says that Russia will invade using a false-flag operation on the pretext of Ukraine shelling pro-Russian separatists in its eastern region.