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Current Affairs

Incel movement

Date: 17 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The highly dangerous incel culture is increasingly becoming potent in several parts of United Kingdom from past few years.



  • Young men identify themselves as ‘involuntary celibates’ as part of the subculture and have deeply misogynistic views about women.

  • The subculture has resulted in many acts of violence. However, it would be wrong to categorize them as terrorists.

  • Men, who say they belong to this culture, have bad and demeaning opinion about women as well as men who are sexually active.

  • This is because the people associated with these groups consider themselves celibates. They blame women for their own lack of sexual and social status. 

  • There are no clear cut views of the subculture but many individuals belonging to this view sex is their right as they were born as males. Some individuals promote violence against women.


The ideology

  • The followers of incel culture believe in ‘black pill’ ideology. ‘Black pill’ ideology emerged from the Matrix movie.

  • It promotes a defeatist idea that an individual’s fate is sealed at birth and the sexual capital is sealed no matter how hard it is tried.


Attacks linked to incels in the past

  • Many attacks across the world have been linked to this ideology. More than 50 individuals have been murdered in US on this belief system.

  • Several individuals having this belief are angered that they do not have a relationship with a woman.  This makes them resent people who are in romantic relationships.


Nature of movement

  • Event hough individuals of this belief system are attracted towards far-right ideology and conspiracy theories, it cannot be considered a movement.

  • The best it can be represented is a sub-culture that has emerged due to psychological issues harboured by individuals.