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Current Affairs

Hungary bans LGBT content from schools

Date: 19 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large citizen groups in Hungary have been protesting against the government’s move to remove homosexuality content from school curriculum.



The governments in eastern Europe have been honouring conservative nature of their society to bans all contents that they feel are homosexual.



  • The parliamentary elections in the country are nearing and the conservative Fidesz is leaving no stone unturned to gain popular support, including anti-minority stand.

  • The government claims that the parliamentary law was made to shield children from harmful and immoral content.

  • The queer groups and sexual minorities say that the government is pleasing the conservative Christian population ahead of the crucial polls.


The new anti-LGBT law

  • The government law makes it illegal to give information to children about homosexuality or gender change. These laws were brought to create sensitiveness among young population.

  • The law has also determined who can conduct sex education classes in the country. Organisations and people in the government registry can take such classes now.

  • The law also bans TV shows and entertainment programs that show LGBTQ characters. Broadcasters of the country have slammed the authorities for this move.


Earlier measures

  • The government had earlier introduced law to prevent transgender people from changing their gender status on official documents.

  • There is also a law to prevent same gender couple from adopting children.  The constitution has also excluded gay relationship in definition of marriage.



Several politicians have criticised the move and have demanded EU to interfere to correct the issues. LGBT groups have been continuously protesting.