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Current Affairs

Humanitarian corridors

Date: 08 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Russia recently announced opening humanitarian corridors to ensure evacuation of civilians stuck in conflict zones.



Humanitarian corridors are forms of temporary pause of armed conflict. They are set up for a specified time and area. Both parties have to agree for their formation.



  • The corridors will be used to evacuate innocent civilians stuck during the war. It can be used for bringing food and medical aid.

  • They are important especially during siege of cities, as the population do not have access to electricity, water and food supplies.

  • They are critical during times when international law of war is being violated. They will help in binging humanitarian aid.


Setting up humanitarian corridors

  • Mostly they are set up by United Nations. Sometimes even local groups negotiate them. They are misused sometimes to smuggle weapons and fuel.

  • They can be used by UN agencies, NGOs and journalists to visit areas where war crimes are being committed.


Humanitarian corridors in Ukraine

  • A corridor was set up near the city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine for citizens to leave. A ceasefire of five hours was also announced.

  • The initiative was suspended within a few hours following continuous bombing by Russian forces.

  • Ukraine has accused Russia of not fulfilling its promise and vehicles with humanitarian aid had not been allowed through.


Access to humanitarian corridors

  • Parties to conflict decide beneficiaries. They are usually neutral entities such as UN or aid organizations such as the Red Cross.

  • The time for accessing the corridor, the area and also the vehicles to be used for corridors are pre-determined.

  • Sometimes the humanitarian corridors are announced unilaterally by a single party to the conflict.


Humanitarian corridors across the world

  • They were used during 1938-39 to evacuate Jewish children to the United Kingdom from areas under Nazi control.

  • They were used during the 1992-1995 siege of Sarajevo, Bosnia. In some areas like Yemen, repeated requests for humanitarian corridors have not been fulfilled by parties.