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Current Affairs

Germany takes Italy to ICJ

Date: 09 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Germany has taken Italy to ICJ for allowing entities to file cases in Italian courts to claim compensation from Germany for Nazi crimes.



The petitions have been filed against Italy is regarding crimes committed by the Nazi Third Reich during the Second World War.



Germany’s petition says that Italy violated the ICJ’s 2012 judgement which protected the jurisdictional immunity of Germany.


Current case

  • Germany says that Italy deliberately violated the 2012 judgment of the Court by admitting cases in its domestic courts against Germany.

  • Many petitions have already been filed by entities demanding compensations from Germany for World War II-era crimes, despite it being outside jurisdiction.

  • Since 2012, 25 new compensation claims had been filed in Italy against the German state for damages caused by Nazis between 1943 and 1945.

  • In 15 such cases, Italian courts had entertained the pleas and decided upon claims against Germany. The government is trying to seize Germany owned properties in Italy.



  • Germany is asking ICJ to take provisional steps to stop the properties from being publicly auctioned off.

  • It wants the ICJ to direct Italy to negate the existing decisions taken by its courts against Germany.


Germany’s compensation

  • Germany has already paid billions of Euros in compensations for injustices against affected countries since the Second World War.

  • Since the unification in 1990, Germany has paid such compensations frequently, amounting so far to $90 billion.