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Current Affairs

Formally recognizing Taliban

Date: 03 September 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


US forces have finally departed from Afghan soil after 20 years of unending war. This brings Taliban back into focus.



Taliban has been celebrating their victory over US but it remains to be seen how it will obtain legitimacy for its rule.



  • Taliban has inherited a poor country with stretched finances. The country has suffered decades of war and violence.

  • Taliban is already under terror watch list across the world. Their atrocities indicate that they have not learnt their lessons.


The interest in Afghanistan

  • Large number of countries are interested in Afghanistan due to its vast natural resources and geographical location.

  • The strategic location may indicate that the country may become a hub for global terrorism as it was during its earlier stint.

  • During their rule in late nineties, it shielded global terrorism mastermind and Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden.

  • US was forced to land in Afghanistan to look for Osama. It managed to drive Taliban into the hills but could not completely annihilate them.


The concerns

  • During US occupation, another terrorist group ISIS Khorasan, established its footing in the country by fighting with Taliban and attacking US forces.

  • China shares a small border with Afghanistan. The area was infamous for Uighur militancy, which China aims to control and destroy.

  • Pakistan is the mastermind behind Taliban as it wants to use the group against India. However, there are factions within Taliban that wants to overthrow Pakistani state.

  • The refugee crisis due to the current scenario will also affect other countries of central Asia and Europe. There will be chaos and instability.


Achieving international recognition

  • The world is watching Taliban’s next steps. There is a demand to form an inclusive government that gives rights to minorities and women.

  • During their previous stint, only UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan recognised the government. This time the situation is different with China and Russia expressing interest to work with Taliban.

  • The focus on Taliban’s actions will be based on how they treat their minorities, women, following rule of law and also basic rules of democracy.


Leverage on Taliban

  • The foreign reserve of Afghanistan has been blocked by US. The drawing rights from IMF have been suspended, forcing cash crunch in the country.

  • EU, Britain and US have suspended their aid programme for Afghanistan. Salaries of government employees have been stopped.

  • The biggest leverage exercised by US and west is sanctions. These can completely lead to isolation of Taliban government, including charitable activities.