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Current Affairs

For the People Act

Date: 10 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Democrat senator Joe Manchin will not be backing a bill that will expand voting rights of people in several Republican-controlled states.



The bill aims to negate several legislative measures that were introduced by several US states that had made it hard for people to cast vote.



The bill is named ‘For the people Act’ and was passed in House of Representatives. It has been trying to make voting easy in federal elections by reducing foreign interference.


Importance of bill

  • The bill will counter Texas Republican-backed bills such as SB 7. It will basically counter Republican agenda of making voting rights difficult.

  • The new bills sets rules about removing people from electoral lists, set new rules for voting by mail and also limit authority of local officials in adding new names to the list.

  • Republicans have been opposing mail-in voting as they believe that it has higher chances of fraud. They have tried to limit these voters.


Reasons for opposition

Senator Manchin has said that allowing Democrats to dictate terms would be nothing short of forwarding party agenda. He has opposed such moves.