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Current Affairs

Finland plans to join NATO

Date: 16 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Finland is considering joining NATO in a monumental policy shift in the country’s diplomatic stand.



During the Ukraine stand-off, Finland had highlighted its neutral stance in order to bring consensus between Russia and West.



Following the announcement, Russia has said that the move would be a threat and warned of a possible retaliation. 


Reasons for joining

  • Till now, Finland always maintained its neutral stance in order to maintain cordial relations with Russia.

  • Joining NATO was always a controversial topic. After the Ukraine invasion, the move has received overwhelming support from all quarters.

  • Finnish leadership says that the move of joining NATO was necessitated as soon as Russia set foot in Ukraine.



Countdown to NATO membership

  • The Soviet Union had previously invaded Finland in 1939. They had managed to capture 10 per cent of Finland’s territory.

  • Finland had vowed to stay neutral during Cold War days. The fear started since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

  • Post the cold war, Finland has been preparing mentally to join NATO. It has joined European Union and also bought western weapons.


Benefits for NATO

  • Finland shares a lengthy border with Russia. After Finland joins the group, the border of NATO with Russia is expected to double and strengthen the alliance’s position in the Baltic Sea.

  • More neutral countries joining western powers is a symbolic victory for the narrative that Russia has hampering global peace.


Significance for Finland by joining the alliance

  • The security and the defence system of the country would be strengthened.

  • It would have the backing of major powers of Western Europe as well as United States.


Response of Russia

  • Russia says that it would be forced to take military steps if the membership materializes. This would jeopardize Finland’s security.

  • Russia has threatened to deploy nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania.