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Current Affairs

Escalation of Tigray crisis

Date: 12 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The crisis between the Ethiopian government forces and rebel forces of Tigray could escalate into a full blown war if not controlled.



The UN assumes that a civil war is in offering if the fighting in country’s northern region does not stop.



  • A UN report says that seven million people are in urgent need of food aid and no trucks have been able to reach capital of Tigray.

  • The conflict started in November last year when Ethiopian Prime Minister ordered a military action against rebel forces in the northern region of Tigray. 

  • The reason for conflict were years of disagreements that started between the Abiy government and political leaders in Tigray, as a result of reforms.


The escalation

  • The conflict started as a domestic problem but became an international crisis after it spread outside the country’s borders due to refugee crisis.

  • There were incidents of women and girl facing sexual and physical violence during the conflict. Rape was being used as tool of intimidation.


Underlying reasons

  • Ethiopia is federal republic with each of its 10 provinces having independence on ethnic lines. The constitution gives them powers to secede.

  • A similar incident happened in 1990s when Ethiopia’s province, Eritrea gained full independence using western support.

  • The Prime Minister does not want the incident to be repeated and has taken measures to democratize the country, which is not acceptable to political leaders of Tigray.