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Current Affairs


Date: 07 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The cap on the per-country visa restrictions for permanent visa (green card) will be soon removed as legislative bill has been introduced.



In current scenario, the US government has created quotas based on countries and visas will be distributed on the quota system.



  • The Equal Access to Green cards for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act of 2021 will remove the birthplace criteria for giving visa rather hiring will be based on talent and ability.

  • This act is said to benefit Indian IT sector as majority of US aspirants belong to this stream. Most people were earlier denied visa due to the quota system.



  • The act removes the currently applicable seven percent limits on visas for employment. The limit has now been raised to 15 percent and will be eliminated after nine years.

  • The limit of seven percent was introduced to allow countries with small population the same advantage of getting an American visa.


Benefits for Indians

  • The currently waiting and rejected list of visa applicants consists majority of Indians. Till the time their name comes on the visa list they either die or become ineligible.

  • With the EAGLE Act, the birth-based criteria will be removed. It will increase the chances of getting a green card for applicants.