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Current Affairs

Critical race theory

Date: 12 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Conservative party members have started campaigning against ‘critical race theory’ to control teaching of issue related to race.



States controlled by conservatives have passed laws that will control the way race will be taught and also training teachers in it.



  • Many critics say that the step was taken after facing backlash over the black lives matter protests and opposition to civil rights movement.

  • The critical race theory emerged as a part of left wing academia that started to discuss lack of racial progress even after years of civil rights movement.

  • The studies concluded that racial discrimination was part of US society by studying American history through racism.

  • The supporters of the theory say that racism and racial discrimination has been practiced from a long time in US society.

  • People of colour have been discriminated by law and other institutions by judging them based on their racial features.

  • The theory also says that racism was not a biological concept but a cultural issue and society does not want to get rid of it as it maintains dominance of white people.


Republican opposition

  • The concept was earlier restricted to academic circles and journals but has now been exposed to larger audience after the killing of George Floyd.

  • Conservatives see the move to teach critical theory as part of efforts to rewrite American history. They have high opposition to such a move.



  • Academic experts feel that the law passed by Republicans will curtail any discussion on racism and its effects.

  • This will be similar to whitewashing American history. Several groups have seen this move as an effort to stop anti-racism movements.