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Current Affairs

Covid-19 in North Korea

Date: 02 July 2021 Tags:


The secret country of North Korea has been showing signs of distress due to the escalating Covid-19 situation in the country.



Ruler King Jong-Un had claimed that the country had no cases of Covid-19 even when the whole world was suffering from the pandemic.



  • Kim Jong has now blamed several higher officials for their lapses, which have resulted in a potential public health scare.

  • While there is no clear idea about what has actually taken place, there is some indication of spread of disease in the country.


Situation in North Korea

  • North Korea shares its land border with South Korea in the south and China in the North. The Northern border is highly porous, allowing easy movement of people and goods.

  • North Korea was one of the early countries to impose a lockdown in the country. It had suspended foreign travel, closure of schools and imposed masks and social distancing.

  • The government had started building new hospitals in the country. It was said to improve the health care system in the country. However, new reports suggest a large number of quarantines in the country.

  • The country also executed an official for bringing goods from China. It refused to accept rice shipments from China fearing contamination.

  • The government had to close down Pyongyang city for a suspected case of the virus. The city of Kaesong was also under lockdown.

  • The country will also be skipping the Tokyo Olympics. The ruler has admitted to a large economic crisis due to the effects of the pandemic.

  • However, the state media accused global powers of spreading rumours as they were envious of North Korea’s success in containing the pandemic.