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China sentences Canadian to jail

Date: 13 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Canada-origin businessman Michael Spavor was sentence by China to 11 years of jail on the charges of spying.



The west has been in loggerheads with China regarding its role in spreading of Coronavirus pandemic and violation of international laws.



  • The ruling has been criticized across the globe with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau calling the verdict unacceptable.

  • United States has also been critical. It has accused China of using human beings as trading chips for making deals.

  • The issue is part of a wider conflict between the west and China after the arrest of a Chinese top executive of telecom giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou.


Case against the Canadian

  • Along with an imprisonment of 11 years, Spavor has been fined 50,000 Yuan by confiscating his property and also deportation after serving his sentence.

  • Ex-Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig has also been in detention along with Spavor. They are under harsh conditions with no access to family members.

  • Another Canadian named Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s sentence has been increased from life imprisonment to death penalty for drug trafficking. The sentence was increased after Wanzou’s arrest.


Arrest of Meng Wanzou

  • Global chief financial officer and daughter of Huawei’s founder, Meng Wanzou, was arrested in Canada at the request of United States on charges of fraud.

  • Wanzou has been accused of tricking various financial institutions to make transactions that are violative of US’ sanctions against Iran.

  • The banks were approached for money as a loan for Huawei but were diverted to its subsidiary Skycom that used them to sell US equipments to Iran.

  • Wanzou is currently on bail and is fighting a case in Canadian court against extradition to the United States.


Way ahead

  • Spavor has the power to appeal his sentence but it looks highly unlikely that opaque judiciary of China will overturn its decisions.

  • The future of Spavor rests on the deal between China, Canada and US. This may take place if Wanzou will be allowed to return back to China.