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Current Affairs

Canada worried about texture of butter

Date: 10 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Canadians have been complaining about the quality and texture of the butter they are using. They allege that it no longer remains soft at room temperature.



Butter remains a major part of diet of Canadians. The butter quality and content is dependent on the milk produced by cows.



  • They allege that the reason for change in texture was the dietary changes of cows. Since this event, they speculate that the butter changed its texture.

  • Customers think that the famers are using palm oil supplements in cow diets so as to increase fat content in milk.

  • Since the lockdown, the demand for butter has gone up. To keep up with the demand and increase yields, farmers have resorted to newer techniques.

  • Canada’s dairy industry is currently protected through high import tariffs. This is the reason why butter demand cannot be supplemented through import methods and palm oil has to be used.



  • The inability of butter to become soft at room temperature was observed by many passionate food observers. They noted that this phenomenon was not restricted to single brand or time of year.

  • Lard and tallow are saturated fats and they remain hard and solid at room temperature. Canola and olive oil are polysaturated and become liquid at that temperature.


Palm oil in cow feeds

  • Many countries in the world use palm oil supplements in cow feed to increase fat in milk. This practice is not recent and has been prevalent since 2000s.

  • The recent changes in fat profile may have been due to the long term effects of the practice and is not related to recent increase in feeding practices.