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Current Affairs

Bandits in Nigeria

Date: 08 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Group of bandits have kidnapped students from a boarding school in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna sate.



Nigeria has a complex political situation with large number of insurgent groups fighting against the state. The major losers are common citizens.



  • This is tenth such kidnapping of school students since the infamous kidnapping of girls by Boko Haram militant group few years ago.

  • This time around, the authorities say that a group of armed bandits were responsible for the kidnapping process.

  • The bandits have been invoking terror in lives of common citizens of the area. They have also been providing vital support for Jihadis and destabilizing the state.

  • The Nigerian army had recently rescued another group of students from bandits. They managed to kill about 40 bandits and recovered heavy ammunition.

Kidnappings by bandits

  • The 2014 kidnapping of school girls by Boko Haram gained international attention. There was a campaign to bring back the children, which was even supported by Michele Obama.

  • The Boko Haram was accused of using the girls as human shield when they planned to launch attack on the government.

  • The process of banditry involves using weapons and violence to carry out extraction, killing, kidnappings, rapes etc. They do not have ideology or any intention.

Start of banditry

  • The banditry originated as a fierce competition between different groups for scarce resources. They started using violence for snatching cattle, water, food etc.

  • The individual competition soon turned into community rivalry, between different tribes and religion. The main idea was to dominate the area.

  • Large sections depend on banditry for their income. They currently enjoy lavish lifestyle supported by ruthless actions.


Boko Haram

  • Boko Haram’s official name is Jama’a Ahl as-Sunnah Li-da’wa wa-al Jihad. It is an organization that rejects western education and customs.

  • It originated in Northeast Nigeria and soon spread to neighbouring countries of Niger, Cameroon and Chad.