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Current Affairs

Bagram airfield handed back to Afghans

Date: 03 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The United States and allied forces have handed over the control of Bagram airbase to the Afghan military.



The United States has announced withdrawal from Afghanistan to end the “never-ending” war against Taliban. The forces will leave by September 11th.



  • The Bagram air base was at the forefront of US’ war against Taliban and its allies during the peak of conflict. It housed NATO allies too.

  • The hand-over ceremony was absent due to strict confidentiality. The base still operates under the control of US commander.

  • The hand-over is among one of the promise given by US President to the Afghan government after the withdrawal decision was made.

  • The exact date of last soldier leaving US soil has not yet been announced as it will be a threat to security of the forces and critical structure.

  • The protection of the international airport is also important as it is the only way out for foreign diplomats and soldiers posted in the country.

  • The protection for the airport is being negotiated between Turkey and Afghanistan. Until then, US forces cannot completely exit.


Bagram airbase

It is the largest US base in Afghanistan and located on the outskirts of the Kabul city. It was the first base that US took under its control during the Afghan war.