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Current Affairs

Village secretariat scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 03 October 2019 Tags: Polity & Governance


The Andhra Pradesh government has launched its Village Secretariat programme, under which  1.25 lakh new government employees will begin working.



The current scheme is in complete contrast to the earlier method of governanace which was aimed at making e-governance as the popular method.

The authorities have maintained that this will make government services more accessible.



  • Under the new system, one Village Secretariat will be set up for every population of 2,000, with each one comprising close to a dozen village officials (from different departments like police, revenue, etc).

  • The idea behind it, according to the state government, is to ensure that its services reach people on the ground, and also to strengthen the existing Panchayat Raj system.

  • The Village Secretariat system is aimed at delivering government schemes at the doorstep of beneficiaries.

  • The government says it will bring in a corruption-free, transparent and accountable administration at the village level and address the unemployment problem in rural areas to an extent.

  • Aside from this, the state will also hire another two lakh Village Volunteers, with the job of assisting people in availing government services (each volunteer to look after 50 households).