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PM Gati Shakti Master Plan

Date: 17 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


PM Narendra Modi has announced an ambitious ‘PM Gati Shakti Master Plan on the occasion of Independence day.



The plan is worth 100 lakh crore and focuses on creation of holistic infrastructure. It will also create employment opportunities for the youth in future.



  • The plan will help local manufacturers to gain global image and allow them to compete with their global competitors. New economic zones will be created in future.

  • There is also a plan to increase both manufacturing and exports. Every product of India sold globally will create a brand for India by attaching itself to its people.

  • Details regarding the future scope of the project are currently being worked out. PM also announced National Hydrogen Mission and Sainik schools for girls.


National Hydrogen Mission (NHM)

  • The NHM scheme will aim at generation of hydrogen from green power sources. The fuel has low emission capacity.

  • The hydrogen can also be used as decarbonising agent for iron, fertilizer, steel, heat, power and transportation industry.

  • The government is currently working on Hydrogen CNG (H-CNG), Green Hydrogen and Blue hydrogen technology for reaping advantage.


Benefits of hydrogen fuel

  • Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the Earth. A small quantity has large energy potential. But however, it is not found explicitly.

  • The main advantage of hydrogen is that it produces water as a by-product regardless of the way it is burned. It has three times more energy than regular fuel.


Variety of hydrogen

  • The produced hydrogen is classified as ‘blue’, ‘green’ and ‘grey’ hydrogen. The hydrogen obtained from fossil fuels through carbon intensive processes is called ‘grey’ hydrogen.

  • This process is easy but emits lots of carbon dioxide. If the emitted carbon dioxide is locked up without emission, the hydrogen produced is termed ‘blue’ hydrogen.

  • ‘Green’ hydrogen is from clean energy sources like renewables. This process is very expensive and unviable commercially.