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Status check on world climate

Date: 09 August 2021 Tags: Climate Change


The world has been witnessing climate emergencies in form of floods in Europe and China, wildfires in Siberia and heatwaves in US.



Climate change phenomenon is not new. It has been taking place since many years. There have been efforts to address the problems.



  • Scientists are set to give a detailed report on the health of the planet in coming months. The global warming looks the most apt reason for climate extremities.

  • The Sixth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be released by the Geneva-based agency.

  • The report will try to address the current climate conditions, why it is taking place and also the impact of human activities on the change.

  • The other parts of the report deals with the impact of climate change, preventing impact in future.


Significance of report

  • The global negotiations on climate change have been carried out based on the reports of IPCC. The measures to control global warming are also based on the report.

  • The report has managed to find that rise in global temperature is due to human activities and a rise of 2 degree would make Earth inhabitable for humans and other species.

  • The report also gives projection for rise in temperatures until 2100 by considering various scenarios and conditions along with the impact.

  • The IPCC report can serve in future as a warning against delaying actions to prevent rise in temperature beyond unacceptable levels.


New in the report

  • The report will try to give assessment based on regional conditions and scenarios. It will help countries to make strategies to deal with the issue.

  • It will find real evidence to suggest relation between climate change and extreme weather conditions across the globe.

  • The report will also find the potential impact on urban areas and cities due to climate change. It will also analyse impact on key infrastructure.