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Current Affairs

Spider cricket

Date: 31 May 2021 Tags: Biodiversity


A new of cricket has been identified in the Kurra caves of Chhattisgarh and named Jayanti after popular cave explorer, Jayant Biswas.



The cricket is the twelfth subgenus identified under the genus Arachnomimus Saussur. Researchers from Panjab University made this discovery.



  • Swiss scientists Henri Louis Frédéric de Saussure had given the name Arachnomimus for a type of crickets that resembled spiders.

  • The name holds true because the crickets of these groups are called as spider crickets due to their long legs and small body size.

  • The male genitalia structure is the main difference between the newly discovered subgenus, Indimimus and earlier ones such as Arachnomimus and Euarachnomimus.

  • Experts classify organisms based on the taxonomic levels such as Genus and subgenus. The genus into subgenus is divided based on certain variations.


Significance of discovery

  • Male crickets produce unique sounds by rubbing their wings together to give mating calls to females. The males of Jayanti subgenus cannot produce these sounds and their females do not have ears to listen.

  • The newly discovered insects may be communicating through vibrations by beating parts of their body on walls of caves.

  • The further research on vibration mechanism will help in designing new hearing aids for human usage.

  • The diversity of spider crickets is still unexplored. There are many areas in biodiversity hotspots of India where such discoveries can be made.