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MOSAIC Mission: Scientists from 17 countries to study climate change in Arctic region

Date: 05 July 2019 Tags: Geography & Environment

Scientists from 17 nations are taking part in the year-long Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAIC) mission to study climate change in Arctic region.

About MOSAiC mission

  • Objective: The objective of this scientific mission is to study impact of climate change on the Arctic and how it could affect the rest of the world.
  • Scientists from 17 nations including United States (US), Russia, Germany , China and other countires are taking part.
  • Funding: This mission has received funding from US institutions such as National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and NASA.
  • Features: Under this year long mission, German icebreaker ship RV Polarstern carrying scientists from 17 countries and packed with supplies and scientific equipment will be deployed into the Arctic Ocean.
  • This ship will anchor to a large piece of sea ice and allow water to freeze around it to effectively trap in the vast sheet of white that forms over North Pole each winter.
  • Scientists will build temporary winter research camps on ice which will allow them to perform tests that wouldn’t be possible at other times of the year or by satellite sensing.
  • Way Forward: The measurements obtained from Arctic winter ice will be combined with data collected from satellites. This will enable scientists to improve increasingly sophisticated computer models for weather and climate prediction.