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Current Affairs

Rain at Greenland summit

Date: 23 August 2021 Tags: Climate Change


For the first time ever on record, rainfall has been observed on Greenland summit instead of snowfall.



In less than 10 years, the area has turned from below freezing to above freezing. This is further evidence that Greenland is warming very fast.



  • The record keeping started in 1950and the recently witnessed rainfall is the heaviest of all precipitation received by the ice sheet.

  • The rate of melting of the ice sheet was also found to be seven times more than the daily average at this time of the year.

  • Greenland is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. It is the world largest island having more than 3/4th of its area under permanent ice.

  • The ice is now melting because of climate change. The rainfall is also part of the changing weather pattern.


Occurrences at Greenland

  • A Summit Station is maintained by Foundation at the highest point at the ice sheet of Greenland to observe the changes occurring in the Arctic weather.

  • A major melting event was observed at the summit due to combination of rain and associated condition. This has created fears of run-off water meeting cold oceans and further accelerating global warming.


Cause for worry

  • Greenland has lost 8.5 tones of its ice mass in a single warming event in the last decade. The rate of melting is also alarming.

  • In the almost 20 years, fossil fuel burning has resulted in Greenland losing its permanent freezing ice. It is an indication of upcoming threat.

  • Due to pertaining warming, Arctic sea may completely witness ice-free summers by the year 2050. Sea levels could rise by more than 20 ft in coming years.