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Current Affairs

Pension for trees

Date: 08 June 2021 Tags: Climate Change


Haryana Chief Minister has announced Oxy Van and Praan Vaayu Devta Pension scheme (PVDPS) to avoid oxygen deficit in the future.



  • The state government will identify those trees that are above 75 years and have served humanity by producing oxygen and shade. They will be looked after using local help.

  • The government will be planting Oxy forests in various areas of Haryana’s cities. An amount of Rs 2,500 will be given for looking after trees older than 75 years under PVDPS.

  • The pension amount will increase every year. It will be provided by urban local bodies for maintaining the tree, installing grills and plates etc.


What is Oxy Van?

These are identified pieces of land on which trees will be planted. It will occupy about 10 percent of Haryana’s land.


Idea behind scheme

The urban heat island effect has enhanced pollution from industries and vehicles. The cities will require natural oxygen to sustain and improve air quality.