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Current Affairs

Olympian bat

Date: 11 August 2021 Tags: Biodiversity


A variety of bat has been successful in travelling a distance of 2000 km from London to the Pskov region of Russia, earning the nickname ‘Olympian bat’.



  • The female bat belongs to Nathusius’ pipistrelle species and was found near the village of Molgino, located in Pskov region of Russia. 

  • The observers found tag on the bat’s arm that read “London Zoo”. This is not the first instance when bats travelled such far.

  • In 2019, a bat belonging to the similar species was found in Spain. The bat had travelled about 2,224 km from Latvia.

  • These species of bats are smaller than a toothbrush and weigh less than 10 grams. They are known to migrate from cold northern Europe to warmer areas for breeding purpose.

  • The distance of 2,224 is likely to be an estimate based on shortest distance between Spain and Latvia. It could be more.



  • The study will offer insights into the migration pattern of bats and also effects of climate change on habitat.

  • The range expansion of the Nathusius’ pipistrelle is said to be effect of climate change. Further climate change will impact the species.



  • The National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project was launched by Bat Conservation Trust of Great Britain in 2014 for conservation and understanding of the species.

  • One of the goals include studying the migration pattern of the species to determine the effects of climate change on its habitat.